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Work on Scripting2 continues
By Dave Winer on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 5:45 AM.

A picture named plan.gifI'm getting myself organized for the next phase of work on Scripting2.  permalink

The first few weeks were like building the foundation and frame of a house, putting up the drywall, plumbing and wiring. Building a chimney, putting on a roof. permalink

Now comes a different kind of work. Staircases. Cabinets in the kitchen. Fixtures in the bathroom. Outdoor lighting. Doors. Locks on doors. Etc. All the things that make it possible for normal human beings to live in the house. permalink

You hope that the architect didn't forget any major systems that require ripping up the foundation. <img src="> permalink

At this point you'd have to be a construction worker to live here. The hope is that it will at least become a cottage high in the Alps. Not camping out. Many of the comforts of home. But still a 1.0, a work in progress. permalink

To get ready for this work, I've added two new sections to the blogroll on every page called To-Do and Done.  permalink

A picture named newstuff.gif permalink

These are just scaffolding. Pretty soon I'll have a site at that includes a project management section. These lists are primarily for me, but if you like to snoop, feel free to expand them.  permalink

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