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TechCrunch moves to San Francisco
By Dave Winer on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 5:22 AM.

I saw a note a few days ago that TechCrunch is moving. Their old offices were in Palo Alto, so I wondered where their new offices would be. Sunnyvale? San Mateo?  permalink

A picture named beetlejuice.jpgTurns out they moved to South of Market, 410 Townsend, on the street where it all started. When Macromind moved from Chicago to San Francisco, they set up shop on Townsend.  permalink

You're not going to believe this.  permalink

That address is exactly where Macromind started. Funny how the picture looks nothing like the space used to.  permalink

Here's an Infoworld article Google from 1991 that says clearly that Macromind was at 410 Townsend.  permalink

Do'oh! <img src="> permalink

Macromind founder Marc Canter had the vision that the tech and art scene would fit into what was an industrial and largely forgotten part of San Francisco. Guys like Marc single-handedly start coral reefs.  permalink

Marc lives in Ohio now and blogs at permalink

It's also really convenient to drive to from the Valley because 280 ends a couple of blocks away. permalink

Scoble shot a picture of their new digs. permalink

A picture named techCrunchHeadquarters.jpg permalink

Now, of the top publications that cover the tech industry -- TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, PaidContent -- are any of them based in Silicon Valley? It's really weird, I think TC was the only one, and now they're in SF. It's something like having no country music industry pubs HQ'd in Nashville or Memphis. permalink

Bet they'll be going to lots of Giants games. (Let's Go Mets!) permalink

And they can hang out with the Twitter guys, a short walk. <img src="> permalink

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