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Getting back to New York
By Dave Winer on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM.

A picture named sold.jpgI'm writing this at SFO, waiting for a flight to NY, where I resume my life without the tether back to California. The house is sold, the money is in the bank. I already have a life in New York. Knock wood, it should all be smooth from here, even though it was rough this week in Berkeley. These kinds of transitions always are. Gotta remember that next time I'm thinking it would be fun to buy a big beautiful house. <img src="> permalink

I'm starting to map out the next moves with the Scripting2 software. I have to add the ability to preview a post and to delete a post. After that I'll be ready to start my second site. Once all the kinks are worked out at that level, I'll invite one or two people to try it out, the same way I did with Manila in 1999. My first three users of that software, aside from other people at UserLand, were Dan Gillmor, Jamis at Buck's Woodside and my Jamaican uncle. There weren't many bloggers back then to try out new blogging software. We more or less had to create them. It will be different now. permalink

A couple of other things I want to do with Scripting2: 1. The ability to create documents that are not hooked into the chronology of the blog. 2. A single place to find all change notes for all the various software projects I'm doing. Right now it's pretty scattered. With Scripting2 as a foundation, I'm within striking distance of a unified, outline-based change notes tool.  permalink

I also want to integrate the Instant Outliner with the Scripting2 editing tool. I think it's time to break the connection with Friendfeed, as much as I like their API. I'll probably use the Cloudpipe protocol I created for rssCloud.  permalink

We're going to have a guest again this week on Rebooting The News. This time it will be Brendan Greeley who writes for the Economist. He's doing a piece about where blogging is at, and is almost ready to submit it for publication. He wanted to get my perspective, I don't do interviews, so I suggested he come on the show, and he accepted. So he gets to discuss this with Jay too! Win-win-win. permalink

As always it will be carried live on BlogTalkRadio and available as an MP3 from  permalink

I know Brendan from Berkman days. He worked with Chris Lydon on his Radio OpenSource podcast. Should be fun permalink

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