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Should I be at the Apple store at 7AM on Thursday?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 6:23 AM.

A picture named iphone4.jpgIt's a long story but I'm one of the people who has an iPhone 4 reserved at the local Apple store. This time the people who opted for home delivery are getting theirs a day early. Last time around, with the iPad, I opted for home delivery and got it a few hours after the people who waited in line.  permalink

The long story. I tried and tried to get through to the site, failed every time. permalink

So I decided to get off my butt and go visit the 5th Ave store, which I had heard about but never seen. permalink

When I got there, they told me I'd have to use the website. I convinced one of the store people to do it for me, and he was able to reserve me a phone for pickup. permalink

Not too exciting, but still -- I get a phone this week. <img src="> permalink

But this time I have to get in line. The question is should I be a total fanboy and be there at 6AM, lined up for the 7AM opening? Do I really have the fortitude and patience to wait in line, or should I show up at a reasonable hour, say 10AM or 11AM and wait in the line then. It's summer so it'll be much hotter later in the day. But maybe the line will be shorter? Maybe there won't be a line?  permalink


Questions. Questions. Of course I'd like to be among the first to have the phone, but that's not possible since the home folk are going to have it a day earlier than me.  permalink

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