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Time-Warner DOCSIS 3 in NYC?
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 5:54 PM.

According to DSL Reports, Time-Warner is offering DOCSIS 3 in NYC for $99.95 per month. permalink

I'm sure I don't know what DOCSIS is, but I do know this much -- it's faster than what I have.  permalink

A picture named speedtest.gif permalink

"According to Time Warner Cable, they're now offering a 50 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream for $99.95 per month." permalink

That's the deal I want. Now, I've been to the TWC website, and I can upgrade to "Turbo" for $9.95 more per month. But I'm only paying $34.95 per month now, so it seems that can't be the faster DOCSIS 3. There is no technical information on the site. And I definitely don't want to get on the phone with one of their fast-talking bull-shitting hucksters.  permalink

I also want to order cable TV with the minimal package I need to get HBO. I'm sure their hucksters can't handle that either. I want an online form I can order it from. permalink

Any pointers would be much appreciated. permalink

PS: My mom is getting 23.5 Mbps down and 15.5 Mbps up from Verizon FIOS in Queens. permalink

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