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Getting ready for the Thursday night meetup
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 01, 2010 at 6:32 PM.

Another demo of Scripting2. permalink

I'm going to show them Marc Barrot's browser-based outliner. permalink

And the "optimal" opml browser.  permalink

Do images work on this laptop? I'm going to test it right now. permalink

A picture named dropdead.gif permalink

Set up Megan Taylor with a blog. And maybe one or two others.  permalink

Things I want to look at this coming week: inclusion in OPML. Perhaps directory browsing. Mapping domains to sites. Glossary editor. permalink

A picture named pool.jpg permalink

A picture named pepper.gifI'm using Starbucks free wifi. Pretty great stuff. Knew they'd do this eventually. The Astor Place Starbucks is a very interesting place. Two guys are playing chess right next to me. I think they have a good business model. I paid $5 and change for my coffee and a scone.  permalink

Another thing that works better in NY than in Calif -- health care. I got into see a doctor today and immediately was able to set up appointments for next week that would have taken months in Calif. Obviously I'm just getting started with health care in NY, but so far so good. permalink

Maybe we'll talk some politics today. permalink

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