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In Washington it's all public relations
By Dave Winer on Sunday, July 25, 2010 at 12:42 PM.

A picture named joker.gifThe banking reform bill is all smoke, I hear -- from people who know. permalink

An analogy. permalink

We've noticed that in the summer buildings get hot. Sometimes they get so hot that people die! So we've just passed a law that all buildings must have air conditioning. But you don't have to turn on the AC until the temp gets to 150 degrees. Oh that does a lot of good. (Not.) permalink

Obama signed the bill, hailing it as the most significant banking reform legislation since the Great Depression. Will it do anything to prevent the kind of meltdown we had in 2008? Nahhh. That would spoil the fun. How can the bankers soak the last bit of life from the US economy if they're regulated.  permalink

Forbes says Obama is anti-business. permalink

Obama calls him up to say thanks.  permalink

Now he can get re-elected. permalink

As if we'd vote for Mitt Romney. permalink

As if it would make a diff. permalink

Bonus: How to remove Obama bumper stickers. permalink

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