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Kindle is OK
By Dave Winer on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 8:03 AM.

A picture named kindle.jpgThe iPad with its Kindle app got me interested in reading on a tablet again. permalink

But it's summertime, and I'd rather read in the park, or on a bench looking out over the Hudson. permalink

The iPad doesn't work for outdoor reading if there's any sun at all. permalink

Further, I have a backlog of unread books I bought on Amazon, and I don't see why I should replace them (or if I can) using Apple's store. permalink

I already buy a lot of stuff from Apple, and I don't like how they push around app developers and content companies. We're talking about First Amendment stuff here. So I vote with my dollars, and feel good about it. permalink

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a Kindle DX, and I think it's a great product.  permalink

When I read on tech blogs that Kindle is a goner, I think these people must not read very much. Reading isn't about tech prowess or the shiniest gadget.  permalink

The Kindle is lighter, works in more places, has longer battery life, better connectivity, and has the biggest base of content. Plus they have been very smart about making their content available on every device known to man, including Apple's. permalink

Bottom-line: Don't worry about the Kindle. permalink

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