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Lunch with NakedJen
By Dave Winer on Thursday, August 05, 2010 at 3:52 PM.

I had lunch today with NakedJen at Veselka.  permalink

We had sauerkraut and mushroom perogies (boiled), borscht, ice tea and I had a curry chicken salad. It was all delicious esp the perogies! permalink

A picture named nakedJen.jpg permalink

We also went on a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, and pretended it was the ferry between Helsingor, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden. permalink

It's always great to see NJ, after a few minutes of clowning around it's like I see her every day, which unfortunately I don't. permalink

Here's something really funny. I took a picture in the ferry terminal in Halsingbord, Sweden in 2007, and posted it as "Here's one for Naked Jen." The mind works in funny ways. Insanely funny. She even commented on one of the pictures I took. permalink

She's in town for BlogHer. permalink

PS: If you ever meet NakedJen the first thing you'll notice is how short she is. She has a huuuuuge personality, that's why it's so surprising that she's so tiny.  permalink

PPS: Science bloggers take note. Pepsico is one of BlogHer's sponsors. Last year she got kicked out of the conference because she gave them a hard time for the ways they're screwing up the planet. To BlogHer's credit, she's back this year as their "green" adviser.  permalink

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