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WTF is with Afghanistan?
By Dave Winer on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 3:16 PM.

On Twitter I asked a question out of frustration about Afghanistan. permalink

2 hours ago: "Does anyone have even a theory why we're still in Afghanistan? Even a paranoid one?" permalink

Apparently people in my circle have been thinking about this! permalink

silencematters: "The oil and gas pipelineand mineral deposits."  permalink

joemoreno: "In theory, you don't want a failed state that's a safe haven for unlawful activity. But, who signs the peace treaty?" permalink

scootinater: "it's all about the poppy's!" permalink

mrDarcyMurphy: "Too lazy to get out?" permalink

anildash: "Maybe everyone is ready to leave, but the security line is just really slow?" permalink

redeye: "Lithium." permalink

tolles: "politicians are seldomly rewarded for losing a war." permalink

arjunram: "cuz u continue to fund pakistan and by it the ISI." permalink

mattburrows: "oil." permalink

BF191: "Obama decided to buy his own Buick (Afghanistan) and rejected Bush's Caddy as no good (Iraq) gotta show cars are good." permalink

AdamBagwell: "didn't some geological survey find that Afghanistan is sitting on insane amounts of precious metals?" permalink

dkato: "keep unemployment numbers as low as possible? Skyrocket when vets and stop-lossed come home." permalink

SimonZerafa: "There after that huge Lithium deposit they discovered recently; easier and quicker to extract and will make money :-)" permalink

Soulati: "If we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban is poised right now to zoom in and undo everything. It's a can't win, don't you think?" permalink

Alt_010: "Something to do with Anchor Baby's I think." permalink

mcarvin: "if there were no bad guys in Afg., the Military-Industrial Complex 2.0 loses a large part of it's raison d'etre." permalink

Jason: "my guess is we are secretly deep into Pakistan (with their permission) and we need Afg. as cover for those operations." permalink

kidmercury: "profit for war biz; profit for CIA drug running (check afghan heroin production); part of NWO agenda (world govt)" permalink

justinlfowler: "Minerals." permalink

null_ptr: "The bad guys (Taliban) are there. Left Iraq and went there/Pakistan." permalink

matthovey: "re-read the Plan for a New American Century, Dave." permalink

flowchainsensei: "Nuclear weapons." permalink

carlacasilli: "They have things we want. Things like natural resources." permalink

lakesunrise: "B/C there are no jobs for vets. Our economy can't handle the extra war-hardened soldiers. They'll be forced into idleness- scary." permalink

briantroy: "I'm gonna go with winning elections and ego." permalink

AndyBold: "Oil, again. Afghanistan is a major gateway to the sea in that area which is why Russia went in. Think oil pipes & Asian continent." permalink

adamkmiec: "we used MapQuest for directions on how to get out?" permalink

rbonini: "We have yet to find Bin laden?" permalink

jeremyfelt: "Manifest Destiny (squared)" permalink

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