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What they say about age is true
By Dave Winer on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 5:13 PM.

A picture named bigfly.gifI read this piece on TechCrunch about ageism in tech and nodded my head all the way through. permalink

Facing facts, I've been sidelined in tech for quite a number of years. No one offers me a place in new startups. When I was younger things were a lot different.  permalink

If I can't get into the game, I can't imagine there's much chance for most other people in their 50's to play a role. Which is really fucked up. It's probably the reason why we keep going around in the same loops over and over, because we chuck our experience, wholesale, every ten years or so. permalink

A picture named lost.gifAnd if you think there's much difference between JavaScript and C, you're dreaming. Or between JSON and XML or plain text files. These are gratuitous reinventions. Yes there have been some improvements. I wouldn't know how to build a Facebook server farm. But they could learn a few things about aggregators from work of mine years ago that they've never seen. Or outliners. Or CMSes. Or object databases.  permalink

If you invest in tech companies, try bringing in some tech experience. It might push your comfort level. It also might make you much more competitive. permalink

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