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Hey Gruber, what about the users?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 7:02 AM.

A picture named lib.gifGruber commented on my very brief post on Apple's boycott and how even a user can see it's not working. There's no dispute. You come across lots of stuff, movie trailers, corporate fact sheets, bike route maps, even press releases -- in Flash. You or I may not like it, but the theory that Apple's lack of support for Flash would force them to convert, well that isn't working. That's all I said.  permalink

Gruber, however, reduced it to the same old boring battle-to-the-death between two titans, in which us little guys are mere spectators. Sorry but that just isn't how I view it. My perspective is that of an iPad user. I like the damned thing. But I feel like a pawn, and I don't like that. permalink

Of course I'll get more of the usual boilerplate moral bullshit from Flash haters saying whose fault this really is. I don't care.  permalink

Maybe if (hint hint) Gruber had comments on his blog, his minions wouldn't feel the need to vent on the sites he points to? Just a thought. :-) permalink

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