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A social network for music called Ping
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, September 01, 2010 at 2:29 PM.

A picture named paddles.jpgPing is Apple's big announcement today. The one that they'll be adding new stuff onto for years and years. The other announcements are just continuations of threads they started long ago. This is a new thread.  permalink

They call it a social network "for music."  permalink

But it won't be "for music" for very long, if it even is just that at startup. permalink

It'll be Apple's social network for PR. permalink

It'll be Apple's social network for TV. permalink

It'll be Apple's social network for developers. permalink

It'll be Apple's social network for Steve Jobs. permalink

All of Apple's stores will be on the network, so there will be a location angle. How long before Steve announces a new feature for the stores called (what else) "check in." permalink

And Ping will have "17,000 concert listings" so there's more location stuff. permalink

He said it's like Facebook or Twitter but for music, but that's just the opening-day positioning. It won't last. permalink

Now the big question for the Scripting News community -- is there an API? Will developers get a hook into Ping? Will I be able to ping everyone when I advance a level in Angry Birds? (for example) permalink

One more thing, great name, but they'll never register it as a trademark. Ping is a big word in this space. Long long before any of Apple's competitors were in the space. permalink

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