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What's produced at hackathons?
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, September 01, 2010 at 12:14 PM.

A picture named edKranepoolCard.jpgI've never participated in a hackathon, so I can't tell whether they produce anything or not. I'm assuming that at least some of the readers of this blog have been to one or more.  permalink

What's it like?  permalink

What kind of software is produced? permalink

Is any of it useful? permalink

Were any commercial products hatched at hackathons? Were any of them successful? permalink

My intuition says that they're pointless exercises. I have at times gone on retreats with the idea of emerging with something useful or marketable, but I have to say the big leaps in software that I've seen or taken part of, come with steady daily work, when you've built up a head of steam over weeks or months.  permalink

It seems to me that the hackathon idea is more a dream of investors or marketers, that they can get a bunch of programmers in a room to invent something they can make money with. But that's just my impression.  permalink

If you have a story of a hackathon, please tell it. permalink

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