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Ping: It's even worse than it appeared
By Dave Winer on Thursday, September 02, 2010 at 8:15 AM.

A picture named bear.gifFurther examination of Apple's new social network reveals more problems. permalink

To review from last night's post: permalink

1. It's awkward, at least, that it runs in iTunes and not a web browser. There's no Back button, no way to copy the address of a page and share it outside of iTunes. Also if it were just a website we'd be able to access it from an iPad now, not some time in the future. permalink

2. There's no way to Like the song you're listening to. In other words there doesn't seem to be any integration with the music-listening app, even though the social network is embedded in it.  permalink

3. It's a ghost town. Obviously they're recommending all the musicians they have, because they have nothing to do with my musical interests. Same with users.  permalink

Now, onto this morning's revelation.  permalink

Chuck Shotton writes: "It seems that the only way for mere mortals to post something to the timeline is to buy a song, review an album, or commit some other act of commerce on the iTunes Store, which I certainly have never done. permalink

"It's unfortunate, because the capability is there to do much more. I followed Cold Play as an experiment and they can post pics, songs, status updates, and all the stuff you'd expect to do with a Facebook-like social media tool. permalink

"I'm baffled why Apple has this locked down for normal users. Someone there has to have seen the potential for this to totally upset the social media balance. But if they cripple it at the outset, that critical mass of users will never happen, IMO." permalink

So Ping is not a social network, by any realistic definition of the term. permalink

Update #1: My guess as to why we can't post to the timeline is that Apple is afraid we might say something harsh about them or Ping. permalink

Update #2: Doc Searls nailed it on Steve Jobs's art, in 1997.  permalink

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