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RSS to Twitter?
By Dave Winer on Friday, September 03, 2010 at 10:53 AM.

I'm going to put a couple of hours into trying to resurrect FriendsOfDave. I miss it too much. I want to know what Om and Matt and Bijan and Fred and Sylvia et al are posting to their blogs. So here's the deal. Are there any services that watch an RSS feed and post to a Twitter account when a new item is available? I'm going to turn FOD into a feed, and when that's done, I'd like to hook it up that way. And if none of them are still running, at least you can hook in via your RSS reader app. permalink

The dwcodeupdates feed is already available in RSS, here: permalink permalink

Back in a bit with some links. And in the meantime if you know of an RSS-to-Twitter web app, please post a pointer in a comment. Thanks! :-) permalink is no longer running. permalink

Looks like TwitterFeed is still running.  permalink

Update: Here's the feed for FriendsOfDave. permalink

Update: I set up TwitterFeed to publish updates from the feed to the Twitter account. It works. Nice! permalink

However, it's slower than the original way. It only catches 5 updates at a time, and only checks once every half-hour. But it's better than nothing. permalink

Update: I also set up TwitterFeed to handle dwcodeupdates. permalink

Update: I added rssCloud support to the FriendsOfDave feed, in case TwitterFeed supports it, or would care to support it. I would like things to update faster. This is how you can do that. permalink

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