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Trying out TonidoPlug
By Dave Winer on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 5:26 PM.

The kind folks at Tonido sent me a plug to play with, and I am doing so. permalink

A picture named tonido.jpg permalink

Here's what I've done so far: permalink

1. Unboxed. permalink

2. Connected it to power. permalink

3. Connected it to my router. permalink

Now I'm waiting for the blue LED to turn green, per the instruction sheet that comes with the product. permalink

The problem is this: There are two LEDs on the unit, and one is yellow and the other is red. permalink

I went to the website, but it's white text on a black background, and even worse the links are blue. The whole page reverberates. Really hard on the eyes. permalink

The instructions on the sheet look good, but I can't do anything until I can access the plug on my LAN.  permalink

After navigating through the website a bit, I found the documentation. It's black on white, thankfully. But so far there's no clue what a yellow light means (the second one has now turned red). permalink

However, even though the lights are the wrong color, I was able to connect to the plug through their website. Go figure! :-) permalink

I got through and was able to configure it. Still not sure what it is. permalink

I think first and foremost these devices should just show up as shared disks on my desktop. From there, the web interface might be useful for certain maintenence tasks (restoring files that are accidentally deleted, for example). permalink

The user interfaces of this and Pogo are quirky and unfamiliar, which would be okay if they provided unique value, but I already get what I want from Dropbox. True, with my own hardware I am not dependent on a UGC business model that could turn around at any point. That's good. But there should be zero cost from a user interface standpoint. permalink

Now it could be that I can mount this as a drive, I have tried (and found I didn't have access to most of the folders). But then my criticism would be that that should be the first thing I see, and the easiest thing to configure.  permalink

Update: It offered to install an update to the software on the Tonido and I said yes. Now I get 503 Service Unavailable. Yes, I recycled the power, twice, and waited 1/2 hour. permalink

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