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Business, legal, and technical challenges
By Dave Winer on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 12:48 PM.

A picture named theTruthCanBeAdjusted.jpgThis is a follow-up to the 16 Media Partners piece from Tuesday. permalink

Doug Williams, in a comment on the previous piece in this thread, said: "As was communicated at the event, we are taking open requests for partnerships at Even if you aren't content or application owner, I'd enjoy hearing what you would like to see enabled in the detail pane. For a number of business, legal, and technical challenges, providing open access to the detail pane does not make sense at this time." permalink

How Twitter has lost its way. They used to have a wide-open content platform, you could flow through anything you wanted on a completely level playing field. Now, they're talking "content partnerships."  permalink

If there were legal or technical challenges, how could search engines provide access to graphic content? There's even an open format for embedding these objects. The really good-for-everyone approach would have been to just support that, and test with your partners, and then we can all scramble to make sure it works with what we do.  permalink

OEmbed looks pretty clean and actually fun, and has a really cool payoff. permalink

I don't even see the business reason for not processing anyone's content, unless they're charging their 16 media partners, which seems backwards. After all, twitpic, yfrog, et al are storing the images, and effectively having their ads scraped. permalink

As for what was said and wasn't said at the event, I wasn't there -- and the video feed was only what Scoble could scrape together. Someday we'll be adults here, and really explain what's going on, not blow smoke in each others faces.  permalink

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