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The big 10/10/10 ride
By Dave Winer on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 9:44 AM.

Today's ride was, just by accident (ooops bad word) a 10-mile ride.  permalink

On the big day: 10/10/10. :-) permalink

A picture named bike2.gifRode really carefully, esp entering the two dangerous intersections on the Hudson River Greenway bike path.  permalink

It was super-cold at the start of the ride. Going to need some cold weather bike pants. Saw some people wearing them. permalink

One of the great deals about riding when it's so cold, so early, is you pretty much have the road to yourself. By the end of the ride, the path was getting more jammed with suicidal riders using my lane as a passing lane, and walkers out for a stroll and oblivious to the fact that they were walking on a highway for wheeled vehicles going much faster than they are.  permalink

There was what appeared to be a serious accident on West St at Christopher. Didn't get very close to it, but they had the street closed off for 1/2 mile, and dozens of cop cars were there, lights flashing. Fire trucks too. (An aside, in this age of budding hyperlocal journalism, it seems I should be able to point you to a report saying what happened. We're not there yet.) permalink

Anyway, after a brisk, 58-minute, 10-mile ride, I feel great. Pain is mostly gone. My legs feel strong and my body and soul feel exercised. Back in the saddle, again! :-) permalink

A picture named bikepath.jpg permalink

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