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A hackathon I'd like to be part of
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 9:38 PM.

A picture named bluesky.jpgA few thoughts I jotted down as I was blueskying the idea of the perfect hackathon. permalink

Not an everyone-show-up-and-work-on-isolated-stuff thing. permalink

All projects would be related to some (possibly new) protocol or format.  permalink

A mail list or some other form of workgroup leading up to the event.  permalink

At some really nice and outdoorsy place, so we can go for walks and maybe swim. Fresh air is good for thinking. permalink

I like to sleep. Make it two days not one. Maybe three. :-) permalink

No prizes or awards or judges. The reward will be the experience, and the collective work that's produced. The point of the hackathon is to work together. The only way we should compete at this event is to make the group brighter, happier and more productive. Happier is a big deal.  permalink

I have a list of people I'd like to hack with, but I realized it would not be cool to publish it while I'm just blueskying this. permalink

No publicity but also no secrecy. Everything is on the record for attribution.  permalink

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