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Why the MacBook Air (11-inch version) is a win
By Dave Winer on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 12:07 PM.

Okay, we've covered the negatives: permalink

1. The ridiculously high price. permalink

2. The missing features. permalink

3. The hubris of Apple. permalink

4. The wimps we've become. permalink

Now here's the positive that makes it a keeper. permalink

1. If you put it in your knapsack you won't notice it's there. permalink

And... permalink

2. It's a Mac. permalink

3. You don't have to hack up a Hackintosh. permalink

Extras... permalink

4. The screen really is beautiful. permalink

5. The keyboard feels nice. (Wish it was lit.) permalink

Seriously, when I packed for my day trip to DC, and picked up the knapsack, with a Kindle, a change of clothes, my wire bag, headphones -- it didn't feel like I was going for a hike in the wildnerness.  permalink

Plus I've been getting comments from passers-by. Hey what is that little computer you're using. Not as many as the Asus would get, because this computer isn't quite as radical as it is. But it is a conversation-starter. permalink

For $1300 it's worth it.  permalink

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