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By Dave Winer on Sunday, November 07, 2010 at 9:40 AM.

This is a followup to yesterday's piece about Obama and his shellacking. permalink

A picture named sam.gifI linked back to my first impressions of Obama's version of, back in January 2009.  permalink

"I want the White House to be a public space, where new thinking from all over the world meets other new thinking. A flow distributor. A two-way briefing book for the people and the government." permalink

In other words: "People return to places that send them away." permalink

Fast-forward two years, to late 2010. Now the hyperlocal web is booting up in amazing ways. I get inspiration from a dozen local blogs that are reaching into their communities and reporting on what people want to know. There are probably a hundred more. In two more years, there will be a million hyperlocals.  permalink

Applying a simple rule: "If you hear fire trucks in the night, in the morning you should be able to find out where the fire was." permalink

In 2008 it was social networks. In 2012 it'll be the rebooted news system. And the new system of news will look a lot like today's hyperlocals. permalink

Obama doesn't trust the press any more than he should, any more than Bush did. But that doesn't mean giving up on communication. The sitting President can't run campaign ads as an aspiring President does. But he has the ability to communicate more effectively than anyone else on the planet, if that power is developed. If you send people away to places that involve them. permalink

The White House blog should be a daily link list of ideas and perspectives on what's happening in the world.  permalink

The White House blogger should be as independent as the Federal Reserve chairman or the head of the FDA. His or her job is to start small and build a network of information on how Americans can help America. Not fluff, not fear, but what's really going on. And to be controversial. Newt and Karl will say it's run by left-wing biased limp-wrist sissies. Let em say it. Link to them saying it. :-) permalink

Someone who is irreverent, idealistic and intelligent. Not a suit and someone who has never served in government.  permalink

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