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Hacker News firehose feed
By Dave Winer on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 11:16 AM.

The feed is more or less done. permalink  permalink

Each item points to the article being linked to from the Hacker News entry. The link points to the HN discussion page. permalink

The feed is realtime, it has a functional element, and the notification server works (at least for now, knock wood, praise Murphy). permalink

I am following it in my personal river. It's a lot of news, but I like having it there. permalink

You're welcome to poll it, but it only updates at most once a minute, so there's no point in polling more frequently. permalink

The source of the flow is permalink

PS: Lots of interesting comments about the feed over on Hacker News. :-) permalink

PPS: The Twitterfeed folk are using this feed to link the firehose to Twitter.  permalink

PPPS: Even better, they say they're going to hook into rssCloud!! :-) permalink

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RSS feed for Scripting News

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