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Wild speculation on iTunes announcement
By Dave Winer on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 3:01 PM.

Just happened to stop in at this morning and saw this teaser. permalink

Now what could it be? permalink

A picture named airmote.gifI rolled it around for a bit, and decided to put a stake in the ground. I'm probably way wrong, but maybe there will some other interesting ideas. permalink

I think we're going to see software for the iPhone that turns it into a remote control for iTunes. The two devices would connect over the LAN. And it will do things that a remote has never been able to do, because it has a software-controlled display and it knows what content is on your server that can be played. And it knows about your playlists. permalink

Apple has always shipped fairly useless dinky remotes with Mac Mini's and Apple TVs (I don't think iMacs or laptops come with them) but I've never been able to use them. And likewise, the full-screen software for controlling iTunes is (I find) cumbersome and difficult to control. Seems like the UI for remote control belongs on an iPhone. And btw, there isn't an Android version of the software. Sorry. :-) permalink

That's my wild speculation for today! :-) permalink

PS: I like the idea that Apple is going directly to the customers instead of going through the press. No reason for a middleman here. They are perfectly capable of teasing on their own. permalink

PPS: Names for such a product: iMote, airMote. permalink

PPPS: As has been pointed out in the comments, they already have such a product. Never mind. :-) permalink

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