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Is anyone in PodcastLand happy with their CMS?
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 12:32 PM.

A picture named tryHarder.jpgI'm once again looking into using Posterous for podcasts. I see from the FAQ that they do them, but the question is, can it fit into our process for RBTN. Which goes like this... permalink

1. Jay creates a post but it's not published. The post contains the items for this week's show. We go back and forth, then we do the show, and after it's over, he does a light edit to reflect what we actually talked about. permalink

2. I prepare the MP3 that Adrian, our engineer, gives me. That means verifying that you can hear us talking, adding metadata, and uploading it to It's really important that all the MP3s be served out of the same folder. I've learned the hard way that if you don't do that, a few years later half your shows are somewhere else that has gone away or you don't remember where you put them. So I keep disciplined. This means that uploading the MP3 to Posterous is not an option. permalink

3. Then I add the MP3 link to Jay's blog post so the CMS can scrape it. It's a totally wrong UI, but I didn't have any say in it, so don't blame me, I'd much rather just enter the URL in a dialog and have the CMS render it as an icon that communicates clearly to the user what's going on. Having an in-browser player is a pretty good idea too, and would just make our UI match that of the professional sites. All of these guys make us look bad, but meanwhile we've been upgrading the production of the show, and I think we've gotten a lot better at what we do. While this is happening our technical team ( has been making us look worse and worse. I know Matt's a business guy, this is a business issue. We care about our users, but we can't do it if the tools vendors don't care about theirs (i.e. us). permalink

Anyway, I haven't really figured out how to or if I can make this work with Posterous. permalink

Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous.. are there other choices? Is anyone out there in PodcastLand happy with their CMS? Please let me know. permalink

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