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Dan deletes his Twitter account
By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 02, 2010 at 5:24 PM.

Daniel Bachhuber joined us for this week's Realtime Brunch.  permalink

He's a nice-looking young developer guy who moved from Portland, Oregon to the Big City to work at the J-school at CUNY.  permalink

He also writes WordPress plug-ins. Interesting guy.  permalink

He did something I've been thinking about -- he quit using Twitter and Facebook.  permalink

I had to shake his hand so I could say I shook the hand of someone who had quit.  permalink

I talk about it, but I haven't had the guts to do it yet.  permalink

I even have a site ready for the day I do it. permalink  permalink

Every time I adorn it with another hamster cage I'm thinking. Thinking. permalink

But I believe in not slamming the door on the way out. So that's all I"m going to say now. :-) permalink

Anyway, here's the post where Dan announced that he deleted his Twitter account.  permalink

His girlfriend wasn't pleased. permalink

But the deed was done. permalink

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.permalink

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