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How to set up Apache on Windows
By Dave Winer on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 9:28 PM.

Here's how I set up an Apache server... permalink

1. Find apache_2.2.9-win-x86-no_ssl-r2.msi, download install. permalink

The installation wizard will ask for your Network Domain, Server Name and Administrator's email address. I've never been sure what to enter in the first two entries, so I enter for the first (the main name for my online world) and the specific name of the machine the software is running on in the second (something like permalink

Go for a typical install, and accept the default location. permalink

Before continuing, if you have other software running on port 80 on this machine, quit it before continuing cause it'll mess up the install. permalink

When the install is finished, it worked if you see an icon for Apache's popup in the WIndows system tray in the lower-right corner of your screen.  permalink

2. Create aliases of these files on the desktop: permalink

httpd.conf (it's in the conf folder) permalink

httpd-vhosts.conf (it's in the extras sub-folder) permalink

3. Change the root directory from htdocs in the Apache folder to something much shorter. I like to use C:\www. If you don't shorten this, all your file names are going to be very long and waste a lot of typing and visual space.  permalink

4. Uncomment the inclusion of the vhosts.conf file in httpd.conf. permalink

5. Uncomment the inclusion of the proxy module permalink

LoadModule proxy_module etc etc. permalink

6. Add default.html to the list of index files permalink

7. Make your .htaccess files work by setting AllowOverride to All permalink

8. Uncomment the include for modrewrite. This allows your .htaccess files to do reasonable kinds of redirects, like sending references to to permalink

9. Uncomment the include for proxy_http_module permalink

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