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New camera, new eyes
By Dave Winer on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 10:58 AM.

When my father died last year, he left behind several cameras. I got one of them, and am now starting to use it. It's a Canon EOS 5D. I don't know much about cameras, but Doc Searls says it's a good one. It's the one he uses, and he takes wonderful pictures.  permalink

So I bought an inexpensive 50mm lens, and yesterday I started taking pictures. And this morning when I went out to breakfast, of course I took the camera. Here are three of the pictures. If you click on the thumb you will get a medium resolution version of the picture. permalink

A picture named 5279975371_c6a617746a_m.jpg permalink

A picture named 5279975147_258d53129d_m.jpg permalink

A picture named 5280580290_82e7930d51_m.jpg permalink

To give you an idea of how much detail is there, here's a full-resolution section of one of the pictures.  permalink

A picture named closeup.jpg permalink

The first thing I noticed is that you get new eyes when you get such an upgrade. Now when I walk around I see things I didn't see before, because I'm looking for pictures I could never take before.  permalink

I think this is going to as big an eye-opener as getting the bike was back in August. :-) permalink

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