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NakedJen Film Festival 2010/NYC
By Dave Winer on Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 4:02 PM.

Every year we have what's called the NakedJen Film Festival, and Murphy-willing, this year will be no exception.  permalink

This is how it works. On Christmas Day you go to a lot of movies. permalink

It doesn't matter where you are. It's called the NJFF because NakedJen invented and perfected it, and spred the good word like Johnny Appleseed with the apples. If you ever get a chance to do the NJFF with NakedJen, I say go for it. She's a wonderful person to go to the movies with. And she was my choice for Blogger of the Year in 2007. Hard to go wrong with that combo! permalink

Anyway, given that it's December 23, it's now time to start considering which movies we will see at this year's FF in NYC. permalink

In no special order... permalink

1. Black Swan. Sounds sexy and intriguing and Natalie Portman is a fine actress. permalink

A picture named grit.gif2. True Grit. A Coen Brothers movie with Jeff Bridges. Say no more. Must-see. Every year there's one of these. Sometimes they are disappointing. Last year it was Sherlock Holmes. Totally boring. A few years back, Sweeney Todd. I'm going to say True Grit is the Big Hope for the blockbuster of NJFF 2010. permalink

3. Tron. It's always good to have a schlock scifi movie as an option. I don't seriously think this will make the cut, but you never know. :-) permalink

4. King's Speech. This has the makings of a truly boring movie. I used to joke, when imitating British speech (I'm good with accents) that I'm speaking with marbles in my mouth -- and in this movie (I hear) they actually do speak with marbles in their mouth.  permalink

5. Somewhere. Okay Sophia Coppola is an automatic. Lost In Translation was a masterpiece. If Somewhere is 1/150th as good it's a must-see. Only problem is it's playing in just one theater in Manhattan, and it's waaaaaay uptown.  permalink

6. Rabbit Hole. Nicole Kidman. I could watch her in a shitty movie, and have many times. This one doesn't sound like much fun, but I'm in. xoxox permalink

Those are the movies I'm thinking about for this year! :-) permalink

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