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Bike-rider tailgates pedestrians
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 10:26 PM.

A picture named nastyRider.jpgWhen I see a situation like this, I wish I had a can of bright orange spray paint to mark this guy's bike. Nothing that would hurt him physically. But this is crazy. Old frail people use the sidewalk. Parents with children. People on cell phones. They can't compete with people on bikes, and they should be able to use the city too. We should all be able to use the city, and bikes don't belong on sidewalks. It's not fair to pedestrians. Or safe. permalink

Yeah I sometimes ride on the sidewalk (I'm not a saint), but when there are people around, I dismount, and walk. We have bike lanes and streets, and cars are fuckers, but that's no excuse for bikers to be fuckers like this guy is.  permalink

To the people's credit in front of him, they didn't make way for him, despite his pleading, and he had to pedal at a walker's pace to the corner. permalink

One more thing, it's three days after the storm. Why isn't the sidewalk clear? permalink

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