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Rebooting RSS, revisited
By Dave Winer on Monday, January 03, 2011 at 9:13 AM.

A picture named phone.jpgIn September of last year I wrote a series of pieces about rebooting RSS. I think it's inevitable, given the popularity of Twitter, and the new use of the net to distribute leaks about governments, that the service offered by Twitter will be unbundled. And RSS, or something exactly like it, will be at the center of that unbundling. That was the premise of the series I wrote last year.  permalink

All I'm doing here is linking back to those pieces, in order, because they've come up in various offline conversations I'm involved in. Having the list in one place saves me the trouble of sending it via email several times.  permalink

9/13/10: How to Reboot RSS. permalink

9/16/10: The Architecture of RSS. permalink

9/18/10: Yes, Virginia, there are two ways to read RSS. permalink

9/18/10: Rebooting RSS, pulling it together. permalink

9/20/10: Rebooting RSS, short names for feeds. permalink

9/22/10: Rebooting RSS, interlude. permalink

9/24/10: Why use RSS? permalink

9/27/10: How to use open formats. permalink

Related, but not exactly on-topic for this thread, 7 free ideas for an academic Hackathon, and 4 more free ideas. They're related because almost all of these ideas create components for the open version of Twitter.  permalink

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