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Connecting to Twitter
By Dave Winer on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 7:10 PM.

I did a schematic for an earlier blog post that showed where RSS fit into the roadmap for all the various places I want my ideas and links to flow.  permalink

One of the endpoints is Twitter. For that, I'm relying on TwitterFeed, because I have developed a good relationship with Aditya Chadha, who is the developer of that fine service.  permalink

Here's how it all fits together (assuming it works). permalink

A picture named schema.gif permalink

1. I post something to my linkblog feed. permalink

2. I pull a string on TwitterFeed telling him that the feed updated and he should check for something new. permalink

3. He checks, and finds something new. Shortens the link through Adjix (run by Joe Moreno, another developer I enjoy working with) and then pushed the link to Twitter. permalink

3a. All this happens (Murhphy-willing) within a few seconds. Maybe even less! :-) permalink

4. And voila, the link appears on Twitter. Look ma no hands. I did it all from the UI of permalink

This post will be the first one to flow through this new regime. Wish us (Joe, Aditya and myself) luck!  permalink

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.permalink

PS: Took about ten seconds from pulling the string to having the link show up in my Twitter feed. Joe and Aditya you guys are the best! :-) permalink

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