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Dear Firefox, please keep the RSS icon
By Dave Winer on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 10:45 AM.

1. I use Firefox. permalink

2. I really depend on the RSS icon in the address bar. permalink

3. I understand they're planning on removing it. permalink

Yes, I know it'll become a menu item. I know I know. But that's not quite the same as having an icon I can click on. permalink

4. This is an unnecessary step backward. permalink

5. I want it to get easier not harder.  permalink

My doctor notices I gained two pounds. I say but Doc it's only two pounds. He says, but you're going the wrong way. permalink

5. It's going to really screw with my workflow. permalink

6. I'm sure I'm not the only one. permalink

7. Please don't flame me, I'm just a user. :-) permalink

However unreasonable it may seem to you, users get frustrated when developers remove features they depend on.  permalink

8. Could we have it as a pref, at least? permalink

9. If you must, default off. permalink

Thanks in advance. permalink

A picture named wimpy.gif permalink

Update: There's an interesting Hacker News thread on this topic. permalink

Update: Les Orchard shows how to find feeds in the new version. permalink

1. We'll lose at least a few people in this transition. They won't know about this process, or will find it confusing, or more likely they'll be busy doing something else when they notice that none of the pages they visit appear to have feeds (that's how the change will first register with most users). I'm one of those people who doesn't think about the browser. It's like a window. I use a browser to take me places. It is not, itself, a place.  permalink

An analogy. Suppose one day the architect of Anytown USA decides there is a better way to display addresses on houses. The city would remove the address from the front door of each house, and instead write it on the sidewalk under the doormat on the side-door entrance. However if you wanted to see the new address, you'd have to get minor eye surgery. It isn't expensive, or dangerous, but it is a hassle. Now of course most people never need to look at the addresses on houses, the architect reasons, so we can reduce clutter by moving the addresses out of the way for most users who don't need them.  permalink

2. I'd like to see an equivalent howto for Chrome.  permalink

3. While you guys are fixing things, could you change the language in the menu from Subscribe to This Page, to something shorter and more accurate -- Feeds. When I choose one of the commands in the sub-menu it does not subscribe to the feed, it shows me the feed (unless the functionality has changed).  permalink

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