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Following-up on deck.ly
By Dave Winer on Thursday, February 03, 2011 at 8:55 PM.

Earlier this week I wrote a brief piece about the questions raised by Tweetdeck's new deck.ly service, but didn't hear from anyone at the company re the intent of the product.  #

So I sent an email to Iain Dodsworth, the creator of the product and CEO of the company asking for follow-up, two days ago. Dodsworth and I had communicated in the past about the product and approaches to connecting it with other elements of the "twittersphere" via RSS. #

A picture named emailsmall.gif #

It's a very important offering, and it's important to know what, exactly, it is -- and how open it is to Tweetdeck's competitors. Those that exist now, and those that might exist in the future. Users should want to know how accessible their ideas are outside of Tweetdeck's silo. Can it participate in an ecosystem, or is it forever locked-in? Or something inbetween? #

Please, people at Tweetdeck, can we begin an open exploration of your product? #

Thanks... #

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