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Adding a message box to my river
By Dave Winer on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 2:24 PM.

I mocked up where I want to go next with the beautiful river stuff.  #

http://scripting.com/images/2011/02/10/nextStepInRivers.gif #

All I did was split the page horizontally and add a box where I can add a message to my output stream. I already have the back-end for this completed and debugged. I have a UI, but it's a pretty ugly HTML form. The goal is to integrate the two. #

Here's a screen shot of the form I'm actually using, that's functional.  #

http://scripting.com/images/2011/02/10/messageEditor.gif #

Notes about the editor. #

1. The pop-up menu says which feed the item goes to. I can manage more than one. #

2. The full link is entered in its own box #

3. There's a link to the feed (the white-on-orange XML icon). #

4. There's a link that pings TwitterFeed saying the feed has updated.  #

5. The number is a count of the characters in the box. I'm going to allow you to set a limit and it will turn red whne you go over the limit. (Not implemented yet.) #

There's also a message area, to the right of the popup-menu, but since there is no message being displayed you can't see it. This is for confirmation messages like "Updated feed" or "Successfully pinged TwitterFeed." #

I see this evolving quite a bit, but this is the core functionality. With these two pieces integrated, there will be the equivalent of a Twitter client that only uses RSS to communicate. #

Cross-posted on the River of News list. #

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