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My Ode to Rackspace
By Dave Winer on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 4:44 PM.

With all the development work I do here around Amazon's web services, I've been negligent in spreading the love for Rackspace. #

A picture named web.gifI have a server in their cloud, which they've kindly provided at no charge, as a sandbox for me to play in. I've done more than play there. It's been a workhorse, tying together a small community of developers and users that I'm working with. It's absolutely trouble-free, which is why you don't hear a whole lot about it. That's a mistake. #

I totally don't mind being influenced by service providers who give me access to their services at no charge. I will always tell you when I have been influenced in this way, but it's kind of a pain to have to pay for everything I review. It gets expensive! #

Another thing I like about Rackspace is that they humor me when I have a strong opinion about products they should offer. I realize they're a big company and it's hard to get mobilized around a single idea, the way I, as an individual, can. But one of these days we will make a great product together, because our philosophies are a good match.  #

Anyway thanks to Rackspace. You guys are great. #

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