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Radio UserLand serialnum
By Dave Winer on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 12:11 PM.

A picture named celery.gifI've been keeping a copy of Radio 8 running on one of my servers so I can easily do prior art research.  #

I had been running it for more than 30 days, so I got a message saying my Trial Version had expired and I should enter a serial number. If I didn't have one I could purchase one at the UserLand store. #

Of course, the store is long-gone, so what to do? #

Well it turns out I was organized enough to keep a serialnum, in the place where I would expect to find it.  #

U800-3V32-6705 #

There it is. In case anyone needs one, that should work. :-) #

PS: I uploaded the last versions of the apps to a static folder#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake. #

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