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Pity the poor Tea Party
By Dave Winer on Friday, April 01, 2011 at 1:11 PM.

Imagine being an angry borderline racist Republican in 2009.  #

Imagine what the black national socialist liberal business-hating Kenyan-born new President was going to do to screw everything up. Oh yeah! Let's go out and raise hell. #

Now, the worst thing has happened. He turned out to be as liberal as George W. Bush and even more in the pocket of the American oligarchy. #

Feel disillusioned? #

Don't worry -- you have good company. :-) #

Those of us who wished he might change things so that American worked better for its people, something it desperately needs to do (even the smarter oligarchs must know this) are just as dumbfounded. #

Basically we're all fucked. It's not good to gloat, because the fuckedness is something we all share. Even the idiots who are calling the shots. #

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