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Mysterious tools behind Engadget move?
By Dave Winer on Monday, April 04, 2011 at 9:45 AM.

A picture named ships.gifIn the tech blogosphere this morning there's news that the Engadget team, that dribbled out of AOL over the last few weeks, has re-assembled at a sports blog called SB Nation. Once there, they will start a gadget blog that competes with Engadget. #

In various accounts, including the blog post by Joshua Topolsky, the former editor of Engadget and the new editor at SB Nation, a sophisticated editorial system is mentioned as a reason for the move.  #

Topolsky says: "The people at SB Nation share my vision of what publishing looks like in the year 2011. They think that the technology used to create and distribute news on the web (and mobile) is as important as the people who are responsible for the content itself. And that's not just pillow talk -- SB Nation is actively evolving its tools and processes to meet the growing and changing needs of its vast editorial teams and their audience communities." #

Hey -- it's not pillow talk! I like that... #

In other words, lurking in the shadows is a content management and/or delivery system that beats the one at AOL, at least. Not too hard to imagine, considering those tools have barely advanced in the last few years. And remember, publishing tools are as much a part of the tech industry as search engines and social networks.  #

I, for one, would like to know more about these tools. :-) #

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