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To the people of Wisconsin's 1st District...
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, April 06, 2011 at 11:36 AM.

As I read about Rep Paul Ryan's proposal for a reformed budget, if you can call it that, and saw how the press and Democrats were responding, I felt that anyone could see through this, it's so blatant. Why would anyone in their right mind suggest the US go down that path, considering the terrible mess we're dealing with after the financial meltdown of 2008. #

The reason the deficit is so high is that we've been trying to get the economy going again and because we had to write some large checks for wars and bailouts of various industries we couldn't imagine living without. It's not in any way a question of political philosophy. It has absolutely nothing to do with unions. The way to avoid more deficits is to make sure that bankers and defense industries can't loot the economy. Yet of course that's what you're seeing, very clearly, in what Ryan is proposing and in the acquiescence of the press and Democrats. They all want this. Plainly. #

A picture named wisconsin.gifThe last resort now is to try to connect up with the only people Rep Ryan actually reports to, the people of the 1st Congressional District in Wisconsin. I don't want any particular outcome, no recall or I don't care how you vote next year but -- I want to understand why you chose this man, with these ideas, to represent you? Are there any people over the age of 30 living in the 1st District? Anyone retired now? Planning on retiring in the next 20 years? Have a parent or grandparent who depends on health care to be alive? #

Death panels? We're not talking about a handful of people -- we're talking about a generation or two -- of Americans. People from Kenosha and Janesville, and north of Chicago and south of Milwaukee. I went to school with Wisconsin people, I'm sure some of them were Republicans, but they're all fairly nice people. Do you really want to take the chance of spending your last years in poverty? Feeling bad, even though there are medications that could help you feel better and maybe live longer. Treatments that would ease the pain of growing old?  #

I'm right on the line Ryan talks about, I'm turning 56 in less than a month. I've worked hard to prepare for my future. It doesn't feel very safe with people like Ryan around and with power. #

So to the people of the 1st District of Wisconsin -- what exactly were you thinking when you elected him? #

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