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A domain for a feed
By Dave Winer on Saturday, April 09, 2011 at 11:46 AM.

Today I'm going to try to make something work that may be hard #

I have a domain, let's call it domain-x.org, and I want it to return a feed.  #

The content-type has to be text/xml and the request must return XML.  #

No redirecting.  #

Since it's not a sub-domain, a CNAME will not be possible. #

Which means we will not be able to use Amazon S3, which is a real shame because in every other way it's the perfect way to do it, from a scaling and cost standpoint.  #

Pretty sure I'm going to have to use Apache. And since I don't have a Linux server lying around, it's going to have to be Apache/Windows.  #

This isn't just an idle exercise, we need to solve this problem in a way that can be easily replicated for lots of users, without them having to configure anything as low-level as Apache or S3. This is a feature for true end-users. So in the next step I will need that REST-programmable DNS that I've been talking about.  #

Update: It works.  #

And it was very straightforward.  #

Here's what I did. #

1. I created a folder on my Apache server called davelinks.com. #

2. Went to my registrar and pointed it at the Apache server. #

3. Added a .htaccess file in the folder with a single line:  #

DirectoryIndex rss.xml #

4. Added a callback when my feed is built that in addition to writing it to the usual deeply-nested place on S3, also writes it to the top level of the folder I created in step 1. The file is of course called rss.xml. #

5. http://davelinks.com/ works. :-) #

Took about 1/2 hour. #

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