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Mel Gibson's career should be over
By Dave Winer on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 8:35 PM.

I took the afternoon off to see Source Code. It was pretty good, not great. Don't rush out to the theater, I'd wait until it shows up at Netflix. But a nice way to spend a Monday afternoon. #

What I didn't appreciate was a preview for a new movie starring unabashed anti-semite and misogynist Mel Gibson called The Beaver. Even worse is the theme of the movie. A man who is horribly depressed, hated by everyone including his family, finds a way to get undepressed and becomes lovable. They even tell you in the preview that he is redeemed and re-finds his humanity and everyone loves him, etc etc, blah blah. #

A picture named hello.jpgThis is crazy. As far as I know Gibson hasn't explained or apologized for being the miscreant that he is. I guess he wants us to take him back. Without any explanation, the answer is no fucking way. I also mind that Hollywood is casting him in films, and I might even consider boycotting the movies until they explain what they had in mind, esp co-star Jodie Foster. But please, keep his previews out of the theaters. I don't want to have to walk out on a movie because of a preview. Next time I see one with Gibson, I will walk out.  #

Jodie Foster says Gibson is "the most loved actor I've ever worked with." Career suicide? #

I don't want to hear any talk of redemption until we get an explanation and apology, and then I think he can stay out of the movies. And this movie should never appear in theaters. I don't know what they were thinking.  #

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