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Help! config.root is too big
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 9:15 AM.

On the EC2-for-Poets list, Adam reported: "I'm getting errors on the size of config.root and the OPML editor is telling me I need to save a copy in order to compact it. Unfortunately unlike Frontier, where I've been reading docs on this problem, there is no 'Save a Copy' command in radio2 to do this." #

Here's how you deal with that situation. #

1. Bring config.root to the front. #

2. Press control-; to bring up the quick scrip window. #

3. Type filemenu.savecopy ("c:\\config.root") #

4. Quit the opml app. In the program monitor force flaunch.exe to quit (it will relaunch the opml app). #

5. Replace config.root with the one on C: you just saved #

6. Relaunch the opml app. #

Be real careful. Config.root is super important. #

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