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Rackspace cloud beats Amazon EC2, by a lot
By Dave Winer on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 7:15 PM.

A picture named risky.jpgAfter reading a report yesterday saying that Rackspace cloud servers were a better deal than Amazon's, I decided to check it out today.  #

I don't have time to do a formal benchmark, so I created a Rackspace-hosted clone of a system that is having trouble keeping up with its workload on EC2. I chose the cheapest option on Rackspace, a 1GB 32-bit Windows 2003 server that costs $0.08 per hour, which works out to $59 per month. Significantly less than the $90 a mini-server costs on Amazon.  #

The result was shocking. With the same load that pushed EC2 to it limit, CPU-wise, the Rackspace server bareley got off the baseline. So I kept adding more load to the Rackspace server. It's now doing something like 1.5 the work of the EC2 system.  #

Here are the two perf monitor graphs. Remember, the second one is doing considerably more work than the first.  #

I'm definitely moving that server from EC2 to Rackspace.  #

Also, it seems Rackspace should do some serious benchmarks. And whatever it is that's keeping Amazon from performing like Rackspace, they should fix it.  #

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