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I'll work for a Republican if I have to
By Dave Winer on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 10:11 AM.

A picture named sadelephant.gifI was talking with a Republican friend the other day. I didn't ask how can you be a Republican these days -- but he volunteered that the parties didn't seem very different, and being neither a Democrat or a Republican, I agreed. They're actors reading from a script written by a very bad playwright. The Democrats will make noises like they disagree with dismantling Medicare, and of course it won't be dismantled quite the way Rep Ryan and the rest of the House Republicans want it to be. There will be a "compromise." We will be told it's the best we can do. And once again, not too far down the road, trillions in debt will be taken on to buy the bankers out of the next crisis caused by their leveraging our economy. They get to bet using our wealth as collateral. And we're told that in return we have to be poor and in pain in our last years. Compromise. And they get a tax cut so they can keep more of their bonuses. Heh. Isn't that special. #

Some kind of compromise. #

There was a brilliant tweet from Ruth Conniff about her very brave and eloquent husband: "Getting off plane in DC, saw Paul Ryan. Husbnd went up smiling, Intro'd self: 'I'm gonna do everything I can to get you unelected.'" #

All right! Where do I sign up for some of that. We must make an example of Ryan. The pundits may like him, but how could any citizen. Brrr. #

I would work for a Republican who was trying to get rid of Ryan because he knows what the consequences would be from his plan, or even a compromise based on his plan. A Republican who loved his party and country enough to put an end to this nonsense, that would be a Republican I would give money to, campaign for. If Ryan's district is so totally Republican, fine -- elect a Republican. But one who works for the citizens of the 1st District, not for Mr. Potter and Mr. Burns. #

We have the tools to unelect Ryan and the others who voted that we should spend our old age poor and sick. We only have to decide to use them. If we don't draw the line here, where will we draw it? #

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