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Plans of mice and men
By Dave Winer on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 1:23 PM.

A picture named micemen.gifWe planned and discussed and planned some more.  #

The question was how could I get to Amsterdam and have a persistent net connection as I walked and biked through the city. I had redundancy, at Doc's suggestion -- but here I am in Amsterdam and neither of my phones are able to get on the Internet, even over wifi. #

The two phones: #

1. iPhone4 with AT&T's international plan.  #

2. Nexus S with maxroam.com. #

The iPhone just sits there. The map insists that I'm still at JFK. Gmail just sits there. Makes no difference if I'm on wifi or using KPN NL.  #

The Nexus S presents a screen that says it couldn't connect to my Google account. It offers to let me type in my password, which I do, and it still says it can't connect. Same with maxroam.com or wifi. (No problem accessing my Google account on my MacBook over wifi.) #

I don't doubt that, given all the geeks we have here, that we will sort it all out eventually.  #

Christmas Tree
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