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Calling the Lazy Web
By Dave Winer on Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 11:11 AM.

Remember the Lazy Web? It's the web where you have an idea for a tool you'd love to use, but don't have the time to make it yourself. (At least that's my version of the idea.) So here's my latest request. #

I'm reading an article, or trying to -- but the colors are all wrong, it's white on black, and the text is tiny and it starts vibrating going in and out of focus. My vision isn't so hot to begin with, and various combinations make it go haywire.  #

That's what Readability is for. I click it, and continue reading, happily. #

A picture named lazy.gifNow, the article is so good, the point it makes is so important, that I want to push it to the people who follow my linkblog. I'm looking at the page in Readability. I hit my bookmarklet, but it pushes the non-readable version. That's not fair to the people who follow. I want to push the readable version. #

So what I need is this -- a URL-shortener that links to readable text, that can be programmed through a simple API. I know Readability has a URL-shortener, and I asked them for an API, but I'm still waiting.  #

Thanks in advance! :-) #

PS: Here's an example of the kind of link I'd like to move around the net. #

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