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Domain names as bookmarks
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 12:27 PM.

Working on new feature for worldOutline.root, documenting as I code.  #

When I was ready to announce it to the mail list, I put the cursor on the top headline of the changenote and clicked the Blorkmark button.  #

A dialog appeared, suggesting a random unused name.  #

Instead, I entered a more descriptive one.  #

A picture named elmersGlueAll.jpgSaved the outline. #

Before posting it to the mail list, I realized I had the perfect spot for it in the code, so I pasted it in there before releasing the new feature. #

Here's the post, and here are the docs#

We used to think of domain names as scarce, but that's wrong. DNS is a very robust scalable naming system. Of course, the Internet itself is built on it.  #

Each domain can have an unlimited number of sub-domains. I've asked experts, and while there are, of course, practical limits, there are no theoretical ones.  #

You can think of a sub-domain as if it were the name of a file, and the domain as the name of a folder.  #

BTW, we've built a simple front-end for the dnsimple.com API. Works great. And they're great people to work with.  #

Posting this for friends in the DNS world.  #

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