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The NY Post, the iPad and the web
By Dave Winer on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 4:04 PM.

First, I don't care about the NY Post. It's always been a crap paper. In the old days it was a crap liberal paper, now it's a crap Murdoch paper.  #

On the other hand, I sometimes click on links that take me to the Post.  #

And sometimes I click on those links when I'm reading on my iPad. #

A picture named ipad.gifUntil today that meant getting an annoying interstitial page that tells me that they have an iPad app and I can get it now instead of reading the article that I came to read.  #

Today I was told by the Post that I couldn't read the article on the web at all. If I wanted to read the Post on my iPad I would have to download the app. #

Okay this is bad. This is breaking the web. If no one used the iPad it wouldn't matter. But lots of people use it. #

I wonder how Apple feels about this? I can't imagine they like it. I can see the ads now. "Get an Android tablet to read the web." #

Another thing I find really annoying is that wordpress.com shows me something vastly different when I look at one of their sites when I come on an iPad. It's the stupid trend du jour. Everyone thinks that everyone reading on the iPad wants Flipboard. If I wanted it, I would read the web using Flipboard. #

The thing is this -- the iPad has a perfectly functional web browser. It isn't a "mobile" web browser. It has a full-size screen. It doesn't need any accomodations to be readable, it is readable as-is.  #

The solution is completely obvious. Apple could stop sending back information to the servers that identify me as an iPad user. Or give me a way to edit that information. I'll tell them I'm using an Atari 800 or an Data General/One. Or maybe an Apple IIgs. Anything but an iPad. #

Stop the madness now! Please. :-) #

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