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Daily podcast, Day 2
By Dave Winer on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 2:21 PM.

I said I'd do a daily podcast and by dang, I mean to do it. Permalink. #

I also do a daily bike ride, and yesterday was no exception. #

Except I didn't blog about it. Ooops. In case I forget one, if you want, you can follow my workouts on DailyMile. Afraid they're getting pretty predictable, not much to say every time. Plus there's the podcast.  #

A picture named memotoolong.gifThis time I did it with with the Voice Memo feature of my iPhone. I think the audio quality is better, but, at 20 minutes, it was too long for Apple to email it to me. That seems pretty dumb cause it can email videos that are quite a bit longer. What ever. Took me an hour at least to get it off the device and up to the cloud. And I had to change my iPhone from manual copying to synching. I wish they used their own products, I can't believe this kind of stuff wouldn't get fixed. Eventually?  #

You know they say Apple makes user-friendly software, but sometimes the friendliest thing is to remove the limit that caused the error.  #

Working on CSS in worldOutline.root today. I'm finally getting the hang of it, I think. I want this to be as skinnable as Tumblr. I want to attract designers, like we did in the days of Manila and Radio.  #

Thanks to Matthew Levine for the Holy Grail three-column layout.  #

Christmas Tree
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